Thursday, December 06, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Yesterday Hana and I went for a walk. We had been in the house for two days straight because of the snow, and we needed some fresh air. I figured I could put her in her new snowsuit and walk down to the store with her in the stroller.

Have you ever tried to take a toddler for a walk after a snowstorm?

First, you get the child dressed and put them in the snowsuit. I got Hana in the pants and had her boots on, then put her int he stroller before I put on her mitts (er...a pair of my thick socks....but it worked...) and coat on. I don't know how I came up with this idea, but I'm so glad I did.

Apparently putting mitts and a coat on a toddler is the equivalent of the marshmellow man on steroids - fluffy, strong and angry. Hana tried as hard as she could to kick and arch out of her stroller. It was awful. I almost took a picture, but figured the neighbours might be wondering what all the noise was, so instead we headed out.

(one plus of the mitts, she wasn't able to take her hat off for once!!)

So we head out and once we're moving Hana settles down and even seems to be enjoying herself. We get to the main road and I'm so excited to see the sidewalk is plowed. Er, sorta. Apparently they plowed the sidewalk before some of the streets for some reason, so at the beginning of every block there's this huge pile of snow. Have you ever tried to push a stroller through a huge pile of snow? It doesn't work so well. So I would pick her up and carry the stroller a few feet. Then we turn the corner and half of the snowbank caused by plowing the sidewalk has fallen in. There was a lot of stroller carrying to be done.

We came home by the side roads and just walked on the street.


Kelly said...

I've had a similar experience or two...ahhhh, the memories. :)

K-dog said...

you are so brave...strollers in the snow are..well, just what you described!! It does make for a pretty good work out!!!

Steph said...

Oh yes, a VERY good work out! I was sweating by the time we got to the store and completely exhausted last night.

Em said...

Ha... that was too funny. I did the same thing with Ella and Corbin... however after I got Ella all ready and then started on Corbin, I turned around to find Ella had removed everything from the waist up that I had just put on her and she was working on her shirt... lol. Once I finally got her, Corbin and the dog out side it was great. Our sidewalks aren't plowed at all in our community... so street walking was the only way to go. Glad to hear that other people braved the "situation"! You go girl! : )