Monday, May 16, 2005

The Rest of My Life....

It's been a while since I've posted/ranted/typed anything because, well, life got a little crazy, and for the past few weeks I havn't really had internet access.

As of May 7th, I am Mrs. Benjamin Perry. It's a good feeling. I'm also done Bethany, finished classes and school work and such, at least for now.

And the only thing odd about the whole thing is that it doesn't feel odd at all. My husband and I were talking about that while on our honeymoon. We had both expected to feel this big change, to feel different, both because of graduation and because of the wedding, but we didn't. It was completely natural, comepletely right feeling, and good. Although I still don't think that being done school has sunk in.

So now what? We're floating til the end of the month and then heading to Calgary. That is going to be the biggest change, I'll talk about that later (oh yeah, building suspence).

So far I'm liking the rest of my life, hopefully it will continue being this good.


matthew said...

Congrats Steph :) I have changed the letter of your last name on my link list accordingly.

Say congrats to Ben for me too :)

I'm glad you've had such a good transition and even though there are bound to be some tough times eventually, I know you two will battle through it with success b/c...well, that's just the kinda people you are :)

Julie said...

Congrats! When Tabor and I got married it felt more like a dream for a while than anything. I don't think it set in until after the honeymoon and I was changing my name.